Deconstruct - Seattle, WA - Thu & Fri, July 11-12 2019
Diversity Scholarships

Discounted registration is available for members of underrepresented groups who wouldn't otherwise be able to attend, as well as students (university, bootcamp, etc.). Just email us and we'll reply with a coupon code within a few days. Use the coupon code in the registration form and you'll see the price drop during checkout.

Our standard scholarship drops the registration price to $200. But if $200 is still prohibitive, just let us know and we'll figure something out. Our goal is for everyone to be able to come!

Since we're on the topic, here are some other ways that we try to support underrepresented groups:

We also want a diverse set of speakers, so please consider submitting a talk proposal as well. Speakers get free registration, all travel covered, and a generous speaker fee. Don't worry: if you submit a talk but don't end up getting accepted, you'll still have a chance to register!

Email for a scholarship code