DeconstructSeattle, WA - Mon & Tue, May 21-22 2018

Greetings friends,

Deconstruct 2018 is a single-track, language- and technology-agnostic software development conference featuring sixteen more of my favorite speakers. I like talks that go unusually deep into technical topics, connect seemingly-unrelated topics, or both. You can expect all of those at Deconstruct.

The basics are the same as last year. There's one talk track, letting us focus on a few quality talks. Talks are 25 minutes to keep the pace brisk.

McCaw Hall

We're also expanding in some ways. Last year's conference sold out, so we're moving to McCaw Hall, home of the Seattle's local opera and ballet. McCaw gives us more seats, even better sound, an even bigger screen, and more space for discussion.

Deconstruct is committed to making everyone feel safe and welcome. We stand behind our Code of Conduct. For 2018, our bigger budget and venue bring real-time captioning, gender-neutral restrooms, and dedicated private space for mothers who need it. We also take privacy seriously: attendees choose the name on their badges and we won't publish photos or video of attendees' faces.

Like last year, Deconstruct 2018 has no sponsors, sales pitches, advertisements, trinkets, or speakers slots for sale; just excellent speakers in an excellent venue.

Gary Bernhardt
Sixteen speakers

Click on the speakers to see examples of their past talks.
More speakers will be announced soon!
Until then, try some videos from 2017.

Speak at Deconstruct

We invite most of our speakers, but we want to include new speakers too. This year, Deconstruct is accepting a limited number of proposals from first-time speakers only. We cover all travel expenses, pay a $3,000 speaker fee, and provide help with talk preparation to whatever extent you find useful.

16 speakers
2 days
0 superfluity
$400 Individual
$600 Corporate
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