Deconstruct - Seattle, WA - Thu & Fri, Apr 23-24 2020
2018 Bibliography

This is a linked bibliography for all books, movies, articles, etc. referenced in talks at Deconstruct 2018. Individual talks link back to the talk video that recommended the media. You can also see the full list of 2018 talk videos.

Flame Graphs by Brendan Gregg
Pyflame: A Ptracing Profiler For Python by Uber Technologies Inc.
DesignStaminaHypothesis by Martin Fowler
Assata: An Autobiography by Assata Shakur
As We May Think by Vannevar Bush
The Mother of All Demos by Douglas Engelbart
Oblique Strategies by Brian Eno
The CMU Pronouncing Dictionary by CMU Speech Group
The Luck Factor by Dr. Richard Wiseman
Erlang in Anger by Fred Hebert
Voluntary Voting System Guidelines by US Election Assistance Commission
Voluntary Voting System Guidelines 2.0 by US Election Assistance Commission
Why Programs Fail by Andreas Zeller
Treating Code as an Essay by Yukihiro Matsumoto
World Atlas of Language Structures by Martin Haspelmath et al.
Syntactic Structures by Noam Chomsky
Language is Not an Instinct by Michael Tomasello
The Language Instinct by Steven Pinker